Fostering innovation in the agrifood sector


Europe has recognized in the current period 2014-2020 the importance of “the farm to fork” chain and the need to innovate towards a more competitive and sustainable European agri-food sector.

As a result, several funding options have become available to help innovation in this sector, such as:

  • Horizon 2020, with a total budget of 72.000 M€, 4.200 M€ are dedicated to areas such as food security, sustainable agriculture, marine and maritime research, and the bio-economy, through Collaborative projects and through the SME Instrument.
  • Eureka and Eurostars, finance innovative R&D projects linking companies from different countries. They represent a good opportunity for companies to enhance their technological capacity and improve the impact of their products, processes and services on the global market.
  • CAP & Rural Development Programmes: part of the budget allocated to  Agricultural measures will be invested in knowledge transfer and innovation in agriculture via the EIP-AGRI measures.
  • The Life Programme for initiatives related to the protection of the environment and climate.

Our goal is to facilitate access to funding for strategically interesting projects contributing to a more efficient and sustainable European agriculture and food production

Horizon 2020 is the new Euroean framework programme for Research and Innovation, with a total budget of 72.000 M€, it provides a new approach for European R&D and innovation funding, aiming to contribute to economic growth and to create job positions in Europe, as referenced in the Europe 2020 Strategy.

The European Commission has allocated 4.200 M€ to initiatives related to the challenge: “Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, Marine, Maritime and Inland Water Research and the Bioeconomy“. This new programme represents a huge opportunity to obtain generous funding for excellent R&I initiatives.

There are mainly three instruments which have been designed to obtain funding for SMEs and Research Institutes: They are the SME Instrument, the collaborative projects, and the innovative Fast Track to Innovation programme.

The SME instrument has been designed specifically for single or groups of highly innovative SMEs with international ambitions, determined to turn strong, innovative business ideas into winners on the market. The instrument provides full-cycle business innovation support from the stage of business idea conception and planning (phase I) over business plan execution and demonstration (phase II) to commercialisation (phase III).

  • Phase I (proof-of-concept): Explore the scientific or technical feasibility and commercial potential of your new idea in order to develop an innovation project, with the help of a € 50,000 grant, and receive more support in case of a positive outcome!
  • Phase II (development & demonstration): Develop your sound, ground-breaking business idea further with the help of a grant in the order of € 500,000 to 2,5 million into a market-ready product, service or process!
  • Phase III (go-to-market): Take advantage of additional EU support to enter the market successfully (no grants).

More information here

Collaborative projects are initiatives that require a minimum of three participants from three different EU Member States or from H2020 associated countries (link).

Types of collaborative projects:

  • Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) consist of activities aiming to establish new knowledge and/or to explore the feasibility of a new or improved technology, product, process, service or solution. For this purpose they may include basic and applied research, technology development and integration, testing and validation on a small-scale prototype. Funding rate 100%.
  • Innovation Actions (IA) have the objective to produce plans & designs for new, altered or improved products, processes or services. For this purpose they may include prototyping, testing, demonstrating, piloting, large-scale product validation and market replication. Funding rate 70%.

The Fast Track to Innovation Programme aims to support Europe's economy by offering innovative businesses and organisations grants to give a final push to get great ideas to market. The Fast Track to Innovation scheme opened applications in January 2015 with deadlines on April 29th, September 1st and December 1st.

It will support small consortia of three to five organisations with strong business participation to give promising ideas the last push before entering the market. It is open to ideas in any area of technology or application and to any legal entity established in the EU or in a country associated to Horizon 2020.

More informatión - here.

A major part of a succesful project proposal is a well shaped consortium. However, it is not easy to find the right match and especially for international projects… this can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

In Eurizon we aim to bridge this gap, acting as a hub between Spain and other European countries or the other way around. We are specialists in matchmaking!

We have the ability to contact the stakeholder of the Spanish agri-food sector that best matches your project, thereby empowering the initiative and complementing your consortium.

We have a thorough knowledge of the Spanish Agri-food sector, a competitive sector that in 2012 accounted for 7,6% of the national GDP and was responsible for an estimated amount of 22.078 M€ being exported, what means that is continuously expanding and targeting the global market.


  • (+34)912 908 084
  • Skype: eurizon.proyectos

We are based in Deskmadrid, a business centre situated in C\Maestro Arbós nº9, 28045 Madrid.

Calle maestro arbós número 9, Madrid

The EURIZON team is composed by agronomists from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain) and with Master of Science degrees from Wageningen University (The Netherlands), which are both leading Institutions in education and research in the agri-food sector.

We have experience in developing and coordinating projects at European level, from programmes such as, H2020 including SME Instrument,  FP7CIPLife+ and other types of grants from the European Commission. Our European experience is complemented by an excellent insight into the Spanish Agri-food sector from our participation in programmes funded by the Spanish Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) and the Spanish National R&D funding organism.

We believe in a sustainable, modern and efficient Agri-food sector linked to a healthy environment and lively rural areas. We work to direct funding towards ambitious projects that bring a new approach to our food production systems and contribute to adapt the agri-food sector to the challenges of the global market, the impact of climate change and scarcity of natural resources.

We are firmly committed to privacy and EURIZON holds a privacy agreement with each client that guarantees the responsible use of information, and the need to safeguard the privacy of our clients.

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